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Hey there, I'm Megan Sax.


I have been on an "existential" journey, discussing philosophies and spiritualities, integrating a variety of self-healing modalities, exploring consciousness and dimensions through meditation and plant medicines, and overall seeking the sacred in life.


Through yoga and vibrational therapies, I now hold space for you to be you and do whatever it is you need to do.

My Yoga Story

Hello Vibrant Being!

Welcome and thank you for being here! 

A little about me

I have been a practitioner of yoga for over 20 years. I began in college seeking a way to support my insomniac tendencies (total night owl!). I had been an athlete (if I dare say so) all my life playing soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball (for one season), and track. I knew my body craved some movement but I wasn't interested in continuing with sports.

I had heard about yoga randomly from someone from my church the year before. I read studies that suggested yoga was good for insomnia, so I checked it out. My university offered the only class in town and it was at 7:00 in the morning. Yep, way too early for this night owl since that was about the time I was falling asleep! I did try to go to the class, and while the time didn't work for me, I knew instantly that there was something to this yoga thing.

So, I went to Target, picked up a mat and a VHS tape (yep, that's right! VHS with Rodney Yee!) and tried it! Almost immediately, I experienced the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits of yoga. It became a passionate medicine practice that has saved me countless of times as my mat became a sanctuary for me to express, explore, and exist. 

It was never my intention to become a teacher, but I took 200hr Teacher Training through Core Power Yoga when I was going through a breakup. I needed something to focus on and a way to deepen my own practice, explore my own inner terrain, and to heal wounds that were festering within. It changed my life and opened me to a whole new layer of understanding of not only my physical body, but also of my vibrational/energetic bodies.

I didn't teach right away, again, it was never my intention. But after returning to the mat and experiencing such bliss after an injury kept me from my practice, I asked the Universe to bring more yoga into my life. A friend at the time saw a posting for a substitute teacher and poked and prodded at me until I applied ... and within a couple of weeks I was offered that class and in fact another one at a different studio. 

I have been teaching for over 10 years and have continued my training through a variety of workshops, over 1000 hours of trainings, discovering through my own practice on the mat, and anything I could get my hands on while living the corporate life and working a 9-5. I have trained and taught in Vinyasa, Yin, VinYin, Nidra, and Restorative styles. 

This Portal is a place of all my passions. I have picked up a variety of tools while on my Spiritual Journey that have helped me navigate the terrain of life. And I know they have saved my life at times, transformed them in others, bitch slapped me as a reminder, and then held me in the sweetness of their space. I want to share as much as possible just in case something I know can help someone else, as I was helped.

With gratitude,




My Vibrational Journey


I began my chanting practice as a way to heal my Vishuddha chakra and to learn to use my voice through the sacred practice of Mantra. Soon after, a mind-blowing Gong Bath sent my Beloved and I on a vibrational path and we began offering sound healings in 2015. Awed by what I witnessed in these ceremonies, I felt compelled to learn more about the psychedelic qualities and wondrous healing abilities of sound.

Since then, I have become certified in Sound Healing and Sonopuncture as well as have begun vocal lessons to reconnect with my Soul Voice. I love learning the power of self-made sounds and offer these not only in my public classes but also in private sessions. Chakra tunings are also one of my favorite meditation offerings where I use tuning forks to help harmonize your energetic bodies.

Burn Out

Throughout my journey I have always worked 3-4 jobs. I worked in the corporate environment as a graphic designer/Art Director for over 15-years before choosing to leave because I was so burnt out.

I learned the hard & exhausting way that self-care through a daily personal practice is essential to wellbeing. I battled with 'unworthiness', 'not enough time', 'scarcity mindset's' and more to be able to justify having a person practice.

The Sacred Flow membership portal is the living library I wish I had those 15 years.

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