Hey there, I'm Megan Sax.


I have been on an "existential" journey, discussing philosophies and spiritualities, integrating a variety of self-healing modalities, exploring consciousness and dimensions through meditation and plant medicines, and overall seeking the sacred in life.


Through yoga and vibrational therapies, I now hold space for you to be you and do whatever it is you need to do.

My Yoga Story


My practice began with Asana doing Rodney Yee VHS tapes in my college dorm room. I grew up an athlete and while in college, this movement practice was a beautiful replacement for the sports I grew up with. It was actually recommended to me for sleep, and it was amazingly soothing and relaxing. My practice intensified when I entered the corporate world and craved a practice that would support 10+ hours sitting behind a computer as a Graphic Designer.


I never had any intention to teach and went to yoga teacher training to deepen my personal practice and connection. In addition to seeing cadavers and learning the anatomy and physiology of the body, I explored Mantra, Mudra, Mythology, Yamas, Niyamas. I became deeply entranced and soon was offered several classes ... and thus I began teaching.


I have since explored the subtler aspects of the yoga practice (Pranayama, Pratyhara, Sadhana, Energetic, etc.) and I fully believe in the potent power of this practice. I offer online community classes, self-paced courses, an online library of yoga classes, and private yoga sessions.


Coupled with my studies in Vibrational Therapies, I offer a sacred space in which you can be yourself, immerse yourself in your practice, and be wherever you need to be.


My Vibrational Journey


I began my chanting practice as a way to heal my Vishuddha chakra and to learn to use my voice through the sacred practice of Mantra. Soon after, a mind-blowing Gong Bath sent my Beloved and I on a vibrational path and we began offering sound healings in 2015. Awed by what I witnessed in these ceremonies, I felt compelled to learn more about the psychedelic qualities and wondrous healing abilities of sound.

Since then, I have become certified in Sound Healing and Sonopuncture as well as have begun vocal lessons to reconnect with my Soul Voice. I love learning the power of self-made sounds and offer these not only in my public classes but also in private sessions. Chakra tunings are also one of my favorite meditation offerings where I use tuning forks to help harmonize your energetic bodies.

Burn Out

Throughout my journey I have always worked 3-4 jobs. I worked in the corporate environment as a graphic designer/Art Director for over 15-years before choosing to leave because I was so burnt out.

I learned the hard & exhausting way that self-care through a daily personal practice is essential to wellbeing. I battled with 'unworthiness', 'not enough time', 'scarcity mindset's' and more to be able to justify having a person practice.

The Sacred Flow membership portal is the living library I wish I had those 15 years.

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